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  • Uorfi Javed admits her divorce comments on Chahatt Khanna were uncalled for; says, “It was very low of me”

    A couple of weeks ago, Uorfi Javed and Chahatt Khanna engaged in a war of words on social media where the two of them ended up sharing some nasty comments on each other. However, in what seems to be a rather interesting turn of events, Uorfi showcased her emotional side to the media adding that it was very low of her to have commented on someone’s divorces, no matter what the opposite person had to say. The war of words started when Chahatt Khanna shamed Uorfi Javed for her sartorial choices, followed by which, Uorfi responded to it by commenting about her living off the alimony’s money from two divorces. The war continued on social media as the two continued to shame each other about their life choices. But in a recent conversation with the media, Uorfi accepted that all of it was in bad taste. She said, “I think I was wrong. I shouldn’t have commented on her divorces, it was very low of me.” When asked about the way Chahatt spoke about her, Uorfi added, “No matter what anyone says, I have to keep my calm. I have to stand for what I have believed in.” When another journalist commented on the way she commented on Javed’s fashion choices, Uorfi maintained, “Puri duniya karti hai yaar. (the whole world does it)” Speaking of the catfight on social media, Chahatt Khanna had accused Uorfi of resorting to cheap publicity stunts with her outfits saying,” I mean anyone would remove their clothes and media makes them a celebrity? Is Indian media so vulnerable?” Urfi had responded to it by saying, “See I didn't judge you for your TWO divorces, dating away younger men so why judge me?” She also added that she feels sad for her daughter adding, “What kind of mother they have. Sh*t.” Chahatt had eventually ended the fight clarifying that she hasn’t received any money from the alimony adding, “But people with class would never do that, also I'm not expecting class from classless people nor paid media.” Also Read: Chahatt Khanna shames Urfi Javed for her outfit; latter brings up her two divorces: ‘I earn my own money not living off my 2 ex husbands alimony’