Missy B

Name: Missy B
Show: Desi Look
Time: Sundays at 16:00 

Facebook: Facebook.com/MissySharmaB
Twitter: @MissyPBS
Email: MissyB@sabrasradio.com

The Serious Qs!

  • How did you start your radio career?
    Aged 11 went for a voice test, then started doing radio commercials and then got my first show at 18.

  • What can listeners expect from your radio show?
    A lot of madness and mayhem! Its a UK entertainment show with a lot of great music and its one big party.

  • What’s the one thing that drives you in making your show better than the show before?
    My listeners, they give me so much love on each show that I want to make it sound better for them.

  • What has been the most memorable moment for you working at Sabras Radio?
    So many to mention, Cannes Film Festival was amazing, getting to interview Abhishek Bachchan in Leicester was fab and I love hosting the Leicester Mela each year. 

  • If you were to name one person for giving you the push to where you are now in life, who would that be?
    My Mum and Dad.

The Quirky Qs!

  • Your star sign?

  •  If someone was to play you in the story of your life, who would you want that to be?
    Kareena Kapoor Khan

  •  Which famous person would you like as your neighbour?
    Simon Cowell

  •  If you were to go back in history, who would you like to meet?
    Simon Cowell

  •  What is the one characteristic you admire in others?

  •  If you were to choose to lose one of your five senses, which would you lose?

  • Which exotic location would you most like to go to?
    Bora Bora

  • If not a radio presenter, then? 

Film & TV News

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  • Producer Vikram Malhotra and Breathe director Mayank Sharma reunite for thrilling, action film

    Since the launch of its first season starring R. Madhavan and Amit Sadh, in 2018, the gripping Prime Video drama-thriller, Breathe captured the imagination of the audience and introduced India to a whole new style of thrilling storytelling. The franchise continued to garner immense popularity with its second season in 2020, Breathe: Into The Shadows, which also marked the digital debut of movie star Abhishek Bachchan. And now, under a month from its release on Prime Video, the massively loved third season continues to make it to the headlines and in fan groups. Powered by its engaging storyline, top-notch performances and impeccable direction, the series has connected with the audience and garnered love from fans across the globe. The latest season, launched on November 9, 2022, also makes Breathe one of the longest-running<br /> streaming franchises in India. Following the stupendous success of the Breathe franchise, the creators – Mayank Sharma and Abundantia Entertainment, extending their association with Mayank now set to make his directorial feature film debut with a thrilling, action-drama. Scripting is currently underway and the yet-untitled the film is expected to go on floors in the second half of 2023. Excited about the next step in his collaboration with Mayank Sharma, Founder &amp; CEO of Abundantia<br /> Entertainment, Vikram Malhotra says, “At Abundantia Entertainment, we stand for creating<br /> compelling and entertaining content by empowering storytellers and supporting their vision. Mayank<br /> has been a friend and collaborator since we first started working on Breathe in 2016 and I am excited<br /> to begin this new chapter in our association. I have seen Mayank transform into a world-class creator<br /> and I can’t wait for him to bring to life another unique, thrilling story, this time in the feature film<br /> format”. On making his directorial feature-film debut with Abundantia Entertainment, Mayank Sharma says,<br /> “The last 6 years have been fascinating for me as we’ve built the Breathe franchise from scratch and I<br /> have learnt and grown with the streaming revolution in the country. I have witnessed a new Indian<br /> audience emerge and Breathe gave me the opportunity to cater to these evolving tastes &amp;<br /> preferences. Now as I step into directing duties for my first film. I am delighted to extend my<br /> partnership with Abundantia Entertainment and Vikram as they truly believe in giving the best<br /> platform to their creators to deliver their vision. The film will be an action-packed, thriller and I hope<br /> to, once again, keep the audience on the edges of their seats.”