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Name: Amber
Show: The Mid-Morning Show
Time: Weekdays at 10:00

Email: Amber@sabrasradio.com

The Serious Qs!

  • How did you start your radio career?
    As a child with children’s poems & later on as a Presenter after applying for the job with Sunrise Radio.

  • What can listeners expect from your radio show?
    Best of music, news, lifestyle matters, competitions, celebrity interviews & community artistes and also supporting our community events. A complete package of entertainment & lots more!

  • What’s the one thing that drives you in making your show better than the show before?
    Myself- as I want each show to be better than the previous & of course my listeners’ love and support.

  • What has been the most memorable moment for you working at Sabras Radio?
    Mid Morning Show, the moment it was offered to me! There’s a few others as well, like winning two awards within eight days. A national award & the best female presenter award.

  • If you were to name one person for giving you the push to where you are now in life, who would that be?
    Myself & the love and support of my listeners. I’m a self made person, no God father no recommendations. My work speaks for itself.

The Quirky Qs!

  • Your star sign?

  •  If someone was to play you in the story of your life, who would you want that to be?
    Myself. There’s only one Amber, so only I can. 

  •  Which famous person would you like as your neighbour?
    If I name one, others might get upset that I didn’t name them.

  •  If you were to go back in history, who would you like to meet?
    Sahir Ludhianvi ji.

  • Your ultimate childhood memory?
    My first poem.

  • Who would you like to be trapped in a lift with & why?
    I’m sure this is not Koffee with Karan but honestly NO ONE! Use the stairs, it’s healthier and safe!!!

  •  What is the one characteristic you admire in others?
    A quality rare to find these days. Loyalty, honesty & originality!!!

  •  If you were to choose to lose one of your five senses, which would you lose?
    None, but if I had to choose one…sense of smell, so I can’t smell any BAD smell.

  • Which exotic location would you most like to go to?
    Dunno about that but for Me it has to be my Motherland INDIA. I love my India.

  • If not a radio presenter, then? 
    Haha… Now we're talking. Presenter, Writer I already am doing a lot of things but IF... then either a lawyer (love justice) or a politician, to try and make this planet a better place!