The Insider... with Kash Kumar and Kiran Kotrial

Kash Kumar has launched a special feature on The 6-2-8 Show, titled "The Insider..."

In this first episode he is joined by writer, director, lyricist and live show host, Kiran Kotrial. Kiran gives an inside look into the pandemic situation in India and how it has affected the film/tv industry.

Working within Bollywood, Kiran has collaborated with the biggest names in the industry from Salman Khan on Big Boss, Rishi Kapoor to Farah Khan. More recently, he is travelling to South Africa with Rohit Shetty to begin filming Khatron Ke Khiladi (Fear Factor).

In more recent times, Nepotism has led to some controversy in Bollywood, with claims that actors whose family are in the industry have helped them get a push in their career over others. Kiran gives his thoughts on these claims and what is important to think about before making these claims.

Watch the full interview now.

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