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Hear from Shashwat Singh on 99 Songs and first meeting A.R. Rahman

In the lead up to the release of 99 Songs, a film produced by A.R Rahman, Kash Kumar hosted a special throughout the week on The 6-2-8 show. 

From playing the biggest hits from the official soundtrack 'Sofia' and 'Teri Nazar' to interviewing the lead vocalist Shashwat Singh. 

"I was very nervous right, because it's A.R." says Shashwat Singh on the first time he met and sang in front of the legendary A.R. Rahman.

Watch the full interview below to hear how the journey of 99 Songs began and learn more about Shashwat Singh.

The film '99 Songs' with debuting actors Ehan Bhat and Edilsy Vargas has received some great reviews across the world.

The soundtrack has shown why A.R. Rahman is one of the greatest composers in Bollywood today. Plus, the son of legendary Shabbir Kumar, 'Dilshad' has penned the emotional track 'Teri Nazar' which has been sung by Shashwat Singh.


Shashwat Singh - Vocalist
Kash Kumar (@kashkumar.co) - Broadcaster
Dilshad - Lyricist
Vimal Bhatt (@vimal_97) - Post-production