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    • Ravi Dubey

      TV actor, host & producer, Ravi Dubey joined Raj Baddhan for a catch-up on 'Drivetime'

    • Vikas Gupta

      Vikas Gupta joined Raj Baddhan for Valentine's Day on the launch of 'Puncch Beat'

    • Aniruddh Dave

      'Patiala Babes' star Aniruddh Dave joined Raj Baddhan for first time on 'Drivetime'

    • Shakti Arora

      'Silsila' star Shakti Arora returned on Drivetime to catch up with Raj Baddhan

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    • Mr Dhull

      Punjabi singer Mr Dhull catches up with Akshay live from Chandigarh to talk about his debut track 'Bomb Girl'

    • Foji Gill

      Foji Gill joins Akshay in the studio to talk about his comeback track 'Sher Di Poosh & much more

    • Gurj Sidhu

      Gurj Sidhu catches up with Akshay to talk about his new track 'Baby'

    • Jati Cheed

      Jati Cheed joins Akshay in the studio to talk about his new album 'Square One' & much more

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    • Sargun Mehta

      Sargun Mehta talks to Pam Sidhu about her new film "Qismat"

    • Sapna Pabbi

      Punjabi actress Sapna Pabbi joined Tony Bains to talk about her latest release 'Mar Gaye Oye Loko'

    • Gippy Grewal

      Punjabi superstar Gippy Grewal spoke to Raj Baddhan about his new film 'Mar Gaye Oye Loko'

    • Kadam Verma

      Leicester star Kadam Verma joined Raj Baddhan to discuss his new single 'Dil Na Dukha'

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    • Nitin Mukesh

      Nitin Mukesh joins Kash Kumar on 628 show - Part 2

    • Nitin Mukesh

      Nitin Mukesh joins Kash Kumar on 628 show - Part 1

    • Nitin Mukesh

      Amber spoke to Nitin Mukesh ahead of his Leicester concert

    • Farhan Akhtar

      Farhan Akhtar spoke to Raj Baddhan about his single 'Rearview Mirror' & his upcoming Leicester concert

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    • Tauseef Akhtar

      Versatile singer, Tauseef Akhtar joined Amber on Mid-Morning Show about his upcoming show in Leicester

    • Caroline Mc Donagh

      Pam Sidhu talks to nutritionist Caroline McDonagh

    • Kiran Morjaria

      Pam Sidhu talks to British Asian comedian Kiran Morjaria

    • Pam Sidhu

      Pam Sidhu joins Raj Baddhan to talk about her event ' New Year New You'

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